KBH / Sarah Letteney: In and Out of Our Minds
  • Karma Bird House Gallery
  • February 08, 2024 – April 27, 2024

Sarah Letteney: In and Out of Our Minds

Sarah Letteney (she/her) lives and draws in Burlington, Vermont where she’s inspired by the ways in which we celebrate, grieve, change, and explore our relationships and surroundings. Using a dip pen and ink, she connects people, makes sense of the (many) complicated and confusing parts of life, and gets a good laugh in here and there. She has exhibited at the Hall Art Foundation, has been contributing drawings to The New Yorker since 2018, and has lots of drawings scattered around Vermont.

In and Out of Our Minds consists of eight large pen and ink drawings influenced by one of the easiest places we can get stuck in - our heads. Crisp, minimal line drawings in black ink use a mash up of familiar imagery to create new scenes, warped and altered from experiences of grief, depression, and ruminating thoughts with illustrated reminders sewn in of the people, places, and things that can help pull us out of our minds.